Elementary Guidance


Contact: Emily Roberts - Grades K-6

Phone: 334-897-6275

Fax: 334-897-5136

Email:  robertse@coffeecounty.k12.al.us

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Zion Chapel School Elementary Counseling Program and Services

Our counseling program is for all students and is focused on the development of the whole child.  We believe that in order to help students grow into successful adults, it is essential that our educational framework include personal/social goals in addition to career and academic goals.  Our program addresses these goals collectively as well as individually in response to specific needs.


Counseling Services Provided to Students

Individual Counseling

The counselor works one-on-one with a student to help resolve individual concerns.  These short-term sessions are confidential


Small Group Counseling

The counselor meets with 2-4 students who have similar concerns.  These groups are confidential in nature.


Classroom Guidance Activities

The counselor conducts planned educational lessons with classes to help students deal with normal developmental tasks or issues.



The counselor consults with students, teachers, administrators, and parents to plan appropriate services for each child.



The counselor maintains a comprehensive list of specialists who may be helpful in the event of a concern that reaches beyond the scope of the school counseling services.



The counselor coordinates programs that help enhance the school environment.

For example:

  • Problem Solving Team
  • 504 and EL Services
  • Assessments (ACAP and Scantron)


How does someone meet with the counselor?


  • Ask your teacher to see Mrs. Roberts
  • Leave a folded note in the box outside the counselor’s office
  • Ask your parents to call the counselor



  • Call the counselor at 334-897-6275
  • Send a message via email at robertse@coffeecounty.k12.al.us
  • Send a note to your child’s teacher requesting a meeting with the counselor.
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