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Announcements --Tuesday, December 18th
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Tuesday, December 18, 2018



Good Morning Teachers and Students…at this time we will have our Moment of Silence

Stand for the Pledge of Allegiance……..

Students…let me remind you that your cell phone is to remain in your locker during the entirety of the school day…we will be having random Cell Phone Checks on a regular basis. Also…back packs are not allowed throughout the school day…they must remain in your locker!

Students,…if you have break detention…make sure that you show up on time in the lunchroom with a pencil and a piece of paper.

Dress Code…Shirts tucked in at all times.

Students… will be taking their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Period Exams this morning! Take your time and do your very best on these exams!

The Varsity Basketball Teams will travel to Red Level on Thursday. Games begin at 4:30 PM.

The Varsity Basketball Teams will compete in the Brantley Tournament on Friday and Saturday!

 Students…once again…let me stress to you the importance of attendance! Your attendance does matter!!!Also…please remember that when you are out…you have only 3 Days from the date you return to school to turn in an excuse for your absence. If you fail to turn in an excuse within three days of your return, you will get a zero for any work missed while you were out and you will not be allowed to make it up! Let me also remind you that upon the accumulation of 5 unexcused absences you will lose your good standing! That means that you lose a number of privileges such as driving on campus and attending extracurricular activities! So…be at school every day…and when you can’t…bring excuses!!!

I hope that all of you enjoy your Christmas Vacation! You will report back to school on January 7th! Stay Safe and have an enjoyable Vacation!!!

Have a Great Day!


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