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Announcements --Thursday, September 27th
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Thursday, September 27, 2018



Good Morning Teachers and Students…at this time we will have our Moment of Silence

Stand for the Pledge of Allegiance……..

Today is Dress For Success Day and we will have an assembly this morning at 8:40 in the gym. Teachers…We will be on Activity/REACH schedule today. Students will stay with their 1st period teachers this morning until we are ready for them in the assembly. When we are ready, we will call and 1st period teachers will escort their classes to the gym. 1st period teachers,…please send a list of students who are not Dressed for Success this morning…those students will attend “assembly detention” in the auditorium while others are at the assembly. And, as mention many times before…this assembly detention will not be an enjoyable event!


After the assembly…students will report to break and then to 2nd period and so on and so forth as usual.


See you at the pole is scheduled for Friday morning at 7:30 AM.


The FFA Fruit Sale starts today. Money and forms are due back to Mr. McNaughton by Nov. 2nd. The delivery date is Nov. 25th – Dec. 1st.

Students…let me remind you that if you have been assigned break detention…you had better show up on time! Failure to show up at all will result in a day in ISS.

Students…let me remind you that your cell phone is to remain in your locker during the entirety of the school day…we will be having random Cell Phone Checks on a regular basis. Also…back packs are not allowed to be carried around during the school day. They must remain in your locker!

Homecoming T-Shirts are now on sale until September 28th. The price of the shirt is $15.00. You can pick up order forms at the front office.

The Volleyball teams will travel to Kinston this evening. Games begin at 4:00

The Varsity Football Team will host Kinston on Friday evening at 7:00 PM.

There will be a 5th Quarter this Friday night at the barn at the home of Brandon and Mary Helms on County Rd 308 from 9:30 until. They will have Hook’s BBQ, Homemade Ice Cream, and Door Prizes.

Friday is Country vs Country Club Day!

The Zion Chapel Marching Band will be competing in the Rehobeth Marching Band Festival on Saturday. We want to wish them the best of luck!

The Cross Country Team will be competing in the Warhawk Challenge at AUM on Saturday. We want to wish our Running Rebels the best of luck!

There is an AP English Study Session on Saturday!

Students…once again…let me stress to you the importance of attendance! Also…please remember that when you are out…you have only 3 Days from the date you return to school to turn in an excuse for your absence. If you fail to turn in an excuse within three days of your return, you will get a zero for any work missed while you were out and you will not be allowed to make it up!

Have a Great Day!

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