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Announcements --Monday, August 6th
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Monday, August 06, 2018



Good Morning Teachers and Students… I hope that all of you had an enjoyable summer and are ready to roll into another exciting school year!


I am confident that this is going to be the best year yet!


There will be a volleyball tryout on Tuesday from 3:15-5:00 for anyone interested in playing volleyball. You must have attended summer workouts and have a current physical. If you have any questions please see Coach Barron.


FFA Officer Interviews will be this Friday, August 10th at 3:15 pm in Mr. McNaughton’s classroom. Please see him for details.


We want to congratulate the 12 U Girls youth sports softball team for competing in the State Tournament this summer. We also want to congratulate the 10 U Youth Sports softball team for winning state and representing Alabama in National Tournament this summer. We are very proud of both of these teams and are confident that these girls are going to strengthen our girls athletic program here in the near future!


Jr. High and High School students…let me remind you that you have designated areas to wait in every morning when you arrive on campus…the High school students will wait outside the high school break area. Jr. High students will wait at the steps behind the high school building. Students are not allowed in the building until the 7:44 bell rings.


Also…let me remind jr. high and high school students that you are not allowed in the elementary building at any time throughout the day unless you get permission from an administrator.


Let me also remind…Jr. High and High School Students that break will be at 9:44…immediately after 2nd Period. You will have 4 minutes when the bell for break rings to use the bathroom or visit your locker and then all students must be outside. No students are allowed to remain inside the building during break! Also…Jr. High and High School students will have separate break areas. The high school will be on the gym side of the concession stand and the Jr. High will be on the back side of the concession areas…Jr. High teachers…please explain to your students where their designated break area is. Students let me remind you that you are to report to your break area….do not be in the wrong break area at any time or you will be assigned a day of ISS!


Students…we will be calling you later this week by grade to give you a code of conduct and discuss some important rules. I’m planning on calling 7th, 8th and 9th grade students tomorrow…and will probably call 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students on Wednesday or Thursday. That being said…Let me remind you of a few important rules that you need to be in compliance with at all times:


1.     You are at school for a reason…and that is to get an education…You will be where you are supposed to be… doing what you are supposed to be doing at all times!

2.     You will respect your teachers! We will not tolerate any disrespect at all…we have an excellent faculty that are here because they love children and want to help you reach your college and career goals. YOU WILL GIVE THEM THEIR DUE RESPECT!

3.     Cell phones are to be put in your locker when you are allowed in the building in the mornings and remain there until 3:01…there will be no exceptions to this rule!

4.     Jr. High Girls…I’m going to go ahead and say it now…WE WILL HAVE NO DRAMA THIS YEAR AT ALL. Leave your drama at the front door of the school. If it comes to my office, you will spend a long time in ISS.

5.     You will be in compliance with the dress code at all times…Boys will have their shirts tucked in at all times…and young ladies…skirts, shorts, and shirts that are worn over tights will be fingertip length or longer!

6.     Backpacks are to stay in your locker at all times….this is a board policy established for safety reasons.

7.     Finally…the Alabama State Department of Education is really stressing the importance of attendance …so we are going to do the same! We are cracking down on attendance! It is important that you are here every day! If you miss too much school…we will take a lot of your privileges away…we will explain this in detail during our meetings this week!


Alright…all that being said…teachers and students…have a great day!!!


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